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Eyelash Extensions Service

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions are a semi-permanent service that are applied to each individual lash. Synthetic eyelash extensions vary in length and width and are custom fit to meet each client’s needs. Our lashes and glues are both FDA approved and made in the USA.


Our most irresistible and fabulous look. We attach extensions to 90% of your natural lashes, giving you the fullest look safely possible on your eyes. (up to 2.5 hours)                    $250

Fill (2 weeks)                                             $85

Fill (1 week)                                               $45


Our most popular full set of eyelash extensions. Customize in length, thickness, color, and curled to your preference. These long, dark, and luscious lashes will brighten your eyes. We enhance about 70% of your natural lashes. (up to 1.5 hours)                                      $165

Fill (2 weeks)                                              $65

Fill (1 week)                                                $35